Don’t Take Chances with your Wedding Photography!

Don't take chances with one of the most important days of your life, choose a Certified Professional Photographer, Jim Schwarz Photographers has been serving Central Ohio brides for over 40 years.  Find out why we are one of the top Wedding Photography Photography Studios!

Choose someone who's a professional, not just anyone with a digital camera and a website. Make sure the photographer you choose has an education as a photographer, has apprenticed or interned with other photographers and paid their dues, and has the experience and ability to consistently capture the moments of your wedding no matter what situations may arise."

This is something we have preached for over 40 years! Both Jim and Chris hold the Professional Photographers of America's Master Photographer certification and the Certified Professional Photographer certification from the Professional Photographers of Ohio less than 1% of all photographers have this certification, Experience matters when it comes to your Wedding day!


We're excited to have the opportunity to learn more about your upcoming day!

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